Another Late Post – “Good”


Our family has been enjoying this simpler life, and have been learning day-by day what it means to choose simple. For example, I have chosen to pre-write my posts on a typewriter, and though it isn’t a classic Underwood (It is an electric Smith Corona SL 460) it is a typewriter, and I have found joy in using an instrument that this manual. (Have you tried replacing the correction tape in one of these things?)

Today I listened to a Robcast entitled “Good and Perfect,” in which Rob Bell explains the differences between “good” and “perfect.” Basically, the word “perfect” denotes the idea that you must match the standard, that you must be the picture of the perfect Athlete, the perfect Scholar, or the perfect Writer. It’s kind of hard to explain, but regardless “perfect” is an ideal that you will find it hard to ever live up to. (I’m sure this concept is one we’re all overly familiar with, as this tends to be the standard we measure ourselves to in our heads.)

“Good” is acceptant to your humanity. If you saw the amount of miss-spellings I make with a typewriter, it would probably drive someone who uses a computer word-processor crazy. (That would be all of us, at this point.) I have been someone who has always had a critical eye to the world around me, but one only must only go to the very beginning of the Bible to notice how God set this world in motion as a place that is “good” with all the death and life that takes place every day. Sometimes I am reminded of Thomas Jefferson’s “Great Watchmaker” belief of God. (I know Thomas choose-your-own-adventure Jefferson isn’t exactly the person to reference when making a Bible reference though.)

We have decided to live a life that accepts who we are, and doesn’t allow in judgement of ourselves. Both of us have been learning to let go of past voices we have in our heads that hold us back from really enjoying the juicy fruit life has to offer. Every day is a gift, to borrow an over-used platitude. (Interesting story about platitudes: I read an article yesterday of how Google Engineers have figured out the reason why so many phones in India are filling their space up. People in India have recently gotten into writing “Good morning” messages to each other every morning. They liked to have the messages superimposed over some kind of inspirational picture, with a different inspirational “good morning” message to each of their friends and family.)

There are certain practices you can use, once you have decided this life looks pretty good, such as reducing screen time, participating in life together, and using a typewriter (you know I must stick that in there. (Side note, Declan calls writing on a typewriter “printing.”) This modern world we live in is a tough balance sometimes, as we are lured by the latest and greatest ways of making our lives better, but we shouldn’t just leave old ways behind. It’s kind of like this whole “screen-time” debate. There are plenty of articles out there telling you screen-time is terrible for your kids, but I almost guarantee that most of you parents out there use screen-time with your kids as a negotiating tool because apparently kids think they can’t be without it. We tried dodging this bullet for a long time. This is a difficult one given the way our world is inundated with media, commercials, and such everywhere you go. I can only imagine what Declan is going to encounter once he starts going to school. (There is really something wrong with this typewriter now…)

Well, I’m getting tired, and cannot think well anymore, so I’ll sum up everything I’ve been saying.

1) Listen to voices that will help you, not just voices you have been told to listen to. (for me, this happens to include Rob Bell; someone who for some reason, church leaders I have known no longer like anymore. It’s interesting how voices that give inspiration, speak truths, and help you feel and become free, are never the same voices certain leaders want you to listen to. Also, if the voice is inclusive… nope.)

2) Replacing typewriter ribbons can be risky, and your typewriter may suffer afterwards. (How do you get this thing aligned?) Also, I have officially taken the correction ink out of this typewriter even though the damage has been done…

3) Screen time for kids and adults is not good in high, frequent doses; but it’s pretty much unavoidable nowadays. With this being the case, you can limit how much time you and your kids are in front of screens to reduce the ill effects, and if you do limit screen time for your whole family during the week, you will find a positive effect. (Is it effect or affect?) Sometimes on the weekends now, I look forward to having our screen-time taken away.

I know I have been scattered tonight, but I felt it was important to reconnect, as it’s been over a week. I wrote something back on the 17th, but didn’t publish it, as I would have had to type it up all over again on this computer, eliminating the errors so some of you wouldn’t have your brains explode while reading it.

Well, Declan wants me to stop “printing” and come wrestle, so I’ll see you guys later.


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Writing Prompt – Snow Day


Today began early in the morning, before any of us awoke the snow had started. We knew this would happen, and were as prepared as could be, seeing as how I would have to drive to work regardless. I have wondered on occasions such as this on what it would take to have work cancelled, like children who don’t have to visit school when the ground is coated in white. I longingly think back on the days of my childhood when we listened attentively to the radio, as my mom got ready for work, waiting for them to begin the list of school closures. As an adult, there is no such luck. I am thankful when they close the schools though, as I think about how much more dangerous the traffic would be both to and from work, with school in session. (I’m sure parents, students, and teachers are thankful as well.)

So, I get up at the same time I do every day to drive the perilous journey to work. Each time I do this, I worry about other drivers out there that could potentially cause new hazards. I’m not worried about getting myself to work; and by that I mean I’m not worried about getting in an accident from sliding off the road. However, I worry every time over dangerous drivers. I’ve seen too many videos of drivers sliding across the road into other cars. Life would be so much easier if media wasn’t constantly bombarding us with images of the “what ifs.” “What ifs” that do happen every day, to other people, though the point of this over-emphasis is how it could happen to you too.

I like driving in the snow, to a certain extent. I suppose if I didn’t have a 27-mile drive one way, I wouldn’t worry so much. I used to work just around five miles away. I could always be counted on to show up, for the year that situation worked out. I’m also reminded of the year I worked at Domino’s part-time, and had to show up for my shift as a driver, going in and out of the snow all shift long. You must count your blessings. There comes a point in life, sometimes, in which you notice how important quality time with those you love is, regardless of whether all the debts are being paid on time. Right now, I am simply enjoying the one job I have, though days like today are hard to endure.

It probably would have been fine, if a couple of events hadn’t happened. One, it just kept snowing and snowing (it didn’t stop snowing until I got back home at night.) This wouldn’t be a problem if you are at home, watching the snow through your window with a hot cup of coffee in your lap. The second event/events that happened involved just plain old screwing things up one too many times today. Not that anyone but me was counting. Though my boss seemed to be just as content with my performance, it really bothered me today. That all started with a morning in which too many requests were being fielded in my direction, and when I finally started in on getting some work I wanted done, the program I was testing out kept giving me issues. This often happens, just so you know, but today it was getting to me because I was already so stressed. Add to these facts, I had been listening to a podcast on “jumping off,” where the guy talking had quit his job to pursue something he really wanted to do, and when the time came for him to write a book about other people’s experiences of the same, people came out of the wood-works with their stories. Then Chuck shows me a couple things I hadn’t done right, that he had requested earlier. Sometimes I just get so tired of pleasing people, and wonder if I have room for making myself happy. I’ve been taught throughout my life that you would find happiness in serving others, though at the same time, I have also been taught that there is something you are good at that will make you happy.

Unfortunately, I don’t exactly know what I could be doing that would make me happy, though I can say writing does (though I haven’t found a subject that I could stick with.) When I was growing up, I’m pretty sure that’s the only thing I could envision myself as, though I have always been so practical as to not see a future in something after failing time and time again at creating any worth-while stories. I always fall short. That’s the feeling I was having at work today; that self-defeating feeling that has followed me my whole life. This feeling gets worse when I start screwing something up, even though I don’t have a perfectionist philosophy. In fact, my philosophy is when you fall, you get back up and keep trying. However, this doesn’t mean I’m not going to have to fight the feeling of being a failure. I’m sure a therapist could get to the bottom of why I must fight this.

It seems the enemy of my soul wants me to stay defeated, but I have to ask, why do I matter so much? However, I think we all matter, especially when we begin to look outside of the traps that are set for us here. One of my traps began when I was a kid, when various adults hammered into my head not to screw up. “Stop standing around with your hands in your pockets.” “Why did you do that?!” Sometimes I find myself saying similar things to Declan, and then remember what these have done to me. I want him to be an overcomer in life, and to at least not have to struggle with the same things I have had to. If I had a different mindset in life, maybe I wouldn’t have so much debt, and have to work a job when  I feel like “jumping off.” The guys in the podcast end up saying he didn’t intend for people to simply think of “jumping off” as quitting their jobs, but rather as a way of stepping into something they have been holding back on. I don’t know what my jumping off point will be, but I feel it coming.


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Finding Our Rhythm

Hello Friends!

It’s been a few week’s since our last post. There was a time where I would feel bad that I hadn’t gotten here and updated, but that has since passed. I know that living in guilt over things, even small things like not updating the blog does not serve me well. I’m learning to give myself more love and self care and realizing that this doesn’t make me a bad person. It’s good to be mindful and love myself first. The example I always think of is when you are on an airplane and they tell you about the oxygen masks, they advise you to put on yours first before trying to help others. You can’t serve anyone from an empty cup. It’s so true and it’s so important that we take that advice to heart. Especially for all those loved ones around us.

So a lot has happened since our last post!

We had our first snow fall of 2018!

We attended our first Tinkergarten Class

We had a blast learning about woodpeckers.

We even learned to use a pulley.

Off to find woodpeckers!

We also had a spot of tea 😉 What a perfect way to end class! Ps. It was peach tea and D adored it!

We had such a fun time at D’s first Tinkergarten class. D loves his friends there and looks forward to attending each week.

First Family Hike of the New Year!

I love how this pic turned out.

My family. <3

This pic still cracks me up! D trying to keep Sophie out of the creek.

We have also been on 2 family hikes since the last time I shared here. The first was at the Marcia H. Cloninger Rail Trail and then last weekend we went on one of the many trails at River Bend Park. One of the goals for our family this year is to spend more time outdoors and I feel like we are sticking to that pretty well. 🙂

As I said in our last post, I’m following a more Waldorf structure for our homeschooling and a big part of Waldorf Education is rhythms. What are rhythms?

Putting it simply, Rhythms are the day to day, week to week activities that are a part of life. 

Our Weekly Rhythm:

Mondays: Painting

Tuesdays: Waldorf Co-op

Wednesdays: Craft and Music Class

Thursdays: Garden/Nature Walk

Fridays: Baking (It’s also Pizza or Pasta Night)

Saturdays: Tinkergarten Class, Family Hike, and Movie Night

Sundays: Church, Meal Prep for Week Ahead, and Rest

An Example of Our Daily Rhythm:

(Keep in mind that these times are approximate!)

8:00 Wake up, potty, wash hands, devotional and prayer, Breakfast

8:30 Morning Chores (Get dressed, brush teeth, etc.)

9:15 Main Lesson

11:30 Lunch Time (D helps)

12:30 Daily Work

1:00 Outside Time

1:45 Story Time

2:15 Quiet Time (Listen to a few of our favorite Kid’s podcasts.

3:30 Free Play

5:00 Make Dinner (D helps)

6:00 Blessing, Dinner, Favorite moments

7:00 10 min Tidy and other odds and ends

7:30 Workout

8:00 Evening Chores

9:00 Read, D Sleeps

10:00 Bed time for Adults

Rhythms have really created a sense of balance to our home. It’s nice to have direction for each day. Children, young children, especially, thrive on schedules. It’s hard to restore order with a tantruming child if you don’t have a home that has any kind of order to it. When you create a natural rhythm in your home, you create a safe space to return. This allows you to slowly shift gears and return to a place of comfort for you and your child.

Do you have a Daily and/or Weekly Rhythm in your home? Do you think it could be beneficial to your home?

<3 Anna

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Waldorf Education and D’s First Winter Nature Table

Hello Friends!

I was researching Hike it Baby groups on Facebook and discovered a new friend teaching Tinkergarten classes. (I was hoping that I would be sharing with you all about that today, but sadly, the boys were sick all weekend. So we were unable to attend the first class. I’m thankful that they are on the mend and we will attend the next class this Saturday.)Moving right along, I also discovered that my friend had a Waldorf Co-op group and even though at the time I wasn’t sure what that was— it seemed to be a great fit for us! That sentence sounds kinda funny, but I’ll explain. 😉

Waldorf pedagogy puts a huge emphasis on a child’s imagination as well as the natural world around them. Waldorf education encourages play with more natural toys such as wooden blocks, things from nature, etc. My son is in kindergarten so our primary focus is on art, music, and storytelling. Rudolph Steiner, the founder of Waldorf education, believed that readiness for formal education depends on increased independence of character, temperament, habits, and memory. Formal instruction in reading, writing, and other academic studies are not introduced until students enter elementary school, when they are around seven years of age. I love the emphasis on imagination and letting a child lead and be a kid. Children grow up so fast now and it’s great to feel like I can help guide my child into a more simple life that embraces being where you are right now in this moment.

One example, from Waldorf education that is a great starting point is a Nature Table. Each season you add things from outside and other items to represent the season. This table is not just for decoration it’s for your child to explore and use their imagination to create different scenarios. Declan pretended that the little snow covered tree on our table was stuck on the snowman’s behind and that the townspeople had to figure out a way to remove it. I know I would’ve never thought of that!

This is just a start on things that I had around the house. I can’t wait to add more touches and things we find on our upcoming hikes. 🙂

I’ve also been reading tons of Waldorf books for me and Declan. I’ll share more on our lessons and books we read as we go along. Yesterday, was Martin Luther King, Jr. Day and we made this beautiful Peace Flower and watched the links below.

Our version of a Peace Flower.

Martin Luther King Jr. on Reading Rainbow

Martin Luther King Jr. with Kid President

Are you familiar with Waldorf education? What do you think is the most important part of a child’s educational experience?

<3 Anna

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Plants Vs. Me

January 11, 2017

It’s a rainy day here, and round about right now we would normally have ourselves lost in a few rainy day television shows. However, we have decided to become productive with our lives, instead of wiling away in front of zombie-makers. And so, I go into withdrawals…

Speaking of zombie-makers, have I mentioned Declan and I have become addicted to “Plants Vs. Zombies?” I know I made a reference to the game in my last post, but there have been developments since. Specifically, that instead of reading or writing during my breaks at work, I have been playing this game. When I get home, the first thing I am asked is “Daddy, can I play ‘Plants Vs. Zombies?'” Anna told me tonight that I should delete the game off my phone, and then we wouldn’t have any more problems with it. She’s right of course. And I know she’s right because of the inner cringe I had when she said so.

As a minimalist (because even though we aren’t there yet, we are getting in the mind-set) when something starts to pull you away, and take over your brain, it’s time for it to go! So instead of doing what you would have done in the past, follow your hoarder “mine-mine-mine” instinct, you dump it instead. A note about technology: technology is built so you invest more into a device over time, and thereby allow the device to take a hold in your life, causing you to pull it closer to your chest, snapping at anyone who gets close enough that they look like they might be about to take it away. (So that’s how they make money with this…) This is where I’ve gotten with the game “Plants Vs. Zombies.”

So to recap, I’ve earned enough in-game coins to buy the Gattling pea shooter mod, the Spike strip mod, the Magnet mod, the Cat-tail mod, and the KernalPult mod. I may have missed one, but you get my point. This game has now become valuable to me, because I have invested. I’ve also beaten the game once, and am working through twice. I’ve gotten to the roof levels a second time now. Now is not naturally where most people would make the decision to ballast the game. In the past, I would only have gotten rid of the game/app if it no longer held any interest for me, or wasn’t worth the space it takes up. Now however, I find more joy in the freedom of less.

Here I am waging war with my “KernalPult”

I had some pretty immemorial defenses!

This makes me think about all my video games and video game systems again. They are still sitting around the house (granted the Xbox One and Playstation 4 have more uses than just playing games, especially the Blu-Ray function). However, this is what we do with our stuff. “one day I’ll need to make a loaf of bread, then that bread-maker will come in handy,” “when my son grows up and moves to college, this extra TV will be available, and he won’t have to buy one,” “I actually get use out of this app (even though it is consuming more of my time than it should) so it would be a waste to delete.” We all make excuses for stuff that doesn’t really add value to our lives. Is playing this game in my spare time adding value to my life? Or is it stealing precious time from something or someone that does add value to my life.

I’ll leave you with something Anna said that will likely be the main reason I do this. “When you guys are playing that game, I feel alone.”

Now if that’s not a wake-up call.


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What’s Making Us Smile…(January Edition)

Hello Friends,

This is a new monthly segment that I thought would be fun for the both of us. I’ll go first!

Right now, I’m loving this idea I found on Instagram from @rachelrandolph. Rachel recently shared a post about something new she was trying with her kiddos called the “Yes Box.” See? The name already has your attention, am I right?! So the cool thing about the Yes Box is that there are only two rules…but I’m getting ahead of myself a bit, what is a yes box? It’s a box that you fill with your kiddos snacks. You then share with them the rules. The rules are 1) You can only eat one of each item in the box per day. This means no repeats. 2) If mommy/daddy is cooking or serving you food, you cannot get an item from the Yes box. That’s it! When I saw this idea, I had to set it up for D and I must say, I’m loving it.

Here’s D’s Yes Box:

Just a note: We don’t normally keep the Teddy soft bakes in our household, we just had those left over from something.

Here’s his Yes Box for the Fridge:

The blue and white bag has baby carrots and the plastic container has ham that is without the filler junk and a pickle.

I guess all of my choices for this week will be food related, but my second choice is Declan’s awesome new trays!

These are wonderful to help your kiddo(s) make the best choices. It seems a bit gimmiky, but the truth is—kids love stuff like this and this is actually helping them make a good healthy decision that will benefit them for many years to come! (This is NOT a sponsored post, but if you are interested in purchasing these trays, they come in a set of 4, you can do so here!)

And to finish off my list, I’ll share these links to a few podcast episodes because I’m like the Podcast lady over here! 🙂

The Science of Setting and Accomplishing Goals with Guest Michael Hyatt-The Model Health Show

The Simple Show recently did a great series called “What’s Saving My Life” and I’ll share the links for each episode below! There are so many great resources and links in these posts:

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Lastly, I have to give a shout out for this awesome book! I’m only 2 chapters away from finishing it and it is a definite life changer. Check out Cultivate here!

And now it’s John’s turn…take it, my dear!

This week I’ve been really enjoying the changes we have made with no tv during the week and just taking a less busy approach to life.

Yep, the husband gave me a sentence for this month’s post. 😉 Hopefully, I can get more out of him next month.

What is making you smile this month? Take this time to think about the little things that are making life easier and/or more enjoyable. 

<3 Anna and John


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Powersheets and my Plum Paper Planner

Hello Friends!

Today, I want to share a little more about my Cultivate Power Sheets 2018 and my Plum Paper Planner. These beauties are the reason I’m so excited about this year and feel so much less stress!


My Powersheets:

Blog post ideas

Vision board 2018

These are just a few of the pages from the Powersheets. I love being able to brainstorm, plot and plan each goal with intention and having the feeling that I’m able to shoot for each goal. I remember hearing once that the best goals are achievable and also measurable. IF you can’t measure your progress then how will you know that you are getting anywhere?! I’m also a sucker for stickers. So fun and reminds me of my Lisa Frank obsession as a child. <3

These are a few pages from my Plum Paper Planner. I’m really loving the set up and feel of this planner. It has so much space to write down everything. I don’t feel like I’m lacking like I usually do with my Target planners. (No offense, Target. I still love you and can’t/won’t quit you. 😉

How are you tracking your goals this year? Do you use a planner? Are you old school like me and still rocking the paper planner?

<3 Anna

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Saturday, January 6, 2018

This has been a good week for us. Monday, we decided we were going to take a step towards having a simplistic, happy life by foregoing television during the week, on days Declan has school. Today, I can say this has been a good decision. Personally, I didn’t miss it, but I also know the first week of January isn’t a good week to judge anything by. It probably would have helped if we had been home more than one night, as two nights we were out in town somewhere.

A few things I did notice about having less sensory input included having better sleep, better concentration, and less consumptive urges. I even ate less at night this week (maybe partly due to having my sinuses stuffed up.) We have gotten so much out of seeking to live in the moment. Hopefully this will help me notice more within my surroundings, including the family and “friends” to be grateful for. This is something you will begin to notice about life (at least if your experience is anything like my own.)

Declan and I spent last Friday through Sunday in Virginia with my family, while Anna stayed at home suffering with an ear infection. While at my Mom’s house, I stayed up late talking on New Year’s Eve with my mom. We got on the subject of Babel, specifically the place and event known as “The Tower of Babel.” She pulled up a Ken Ham youtube video, of which we talked about afterwards. She asked me if I knew why God had foiled those people’s attempt at building a tower to Heaven. The answer was simple, and something you’ve heard many times if you grew up in church. I have been thinking about part of the answer ever since. They were trying to build a tower to Heaven to “make a name for themselves,” and the response God gave was basically if these people succeed at this, nothing will stand in their way from doing whatever they want.

Even though I oversimplified this a bit, the part about nothing able to stand in the people’s way if they were of one mind about something was interesting to say the least. So I’ve been thinking about this principle in the different manifestations we see, and don’t even think about. Specifically what I’m driving at is how much of our lives must be lived with others, and when a creative project takes off, many times it was not a one-man effort. Think about when you hear a song on the radio. This one song has multiple unnamed people playing instruments for accompaniment with the “artist,” the “artist” likely didn’t go after this creative dream without the input of a family member or friend, and all this could not be turned into a format for mass-consumption without the help of the producers, or people who made the production software. Much of my life I have thought about what I call the “ripple effect,” in which every interaction you have with another person in life affects them in some way. It doesn’t matter if this is an unknown person you passed on the street with a smile. That smile could have made all the difference in the world to that person.

Young entrepreneurs learn early their business will not take off if they don’t have the capital to invest. Where does this capital come from? Most likely they will have to convince other people to buy in to their idea, such as an Angel Investor, a loan from the bank, or through a social media campaign. Businesses from Wall Street to Manufacturing will not run by themselves, but need all their employees working together, under a set of guidelines (the same mind), and leaders who know where to turn the focus of all this energy and work.

The Church is built around this idea. What church has existed without it’s members? Besides that, The Church is made up of many members, and even those of us with the smallest input are a part of the great work The Church has been called into. Jesus said the fields are ripe for harvest, but the laborers are few. He also talked about how one man may plant a seed, but never see the fruition of the mature plant. Still there are others who come along and harvest a field they did not plant. We all, as members of His Church have different jobs, different fields to help in harvesting, and through the gifts given to each of us, learn whether we are the planters or the harvesters.

I know the talk about the Church will likely cause some readers’ eyes to glaze over, but if you are willing to read my thoughts about this, perhaps you may find something here that is applicable to whatever your life looks like.

For in this world we live in there is a need for hope, love, and the Oxford comma. Most of us would agree that meeting a stranger nowadays is… well, most of us would prefer not  to meet the strangers around us. However, each of us is a stranger to someone else, and can you argue that you would not like to have someone stop to help you if your car inexplicably decided to stop working while you were on your way home from work. Who has had the experience of having their food paid for in a drive through by the person one car in front of yours? Is “pay it forward” strictly a “Christian” thing to do, or is it not part of being human, that we feel good when doing good for others? All these are obvious ways of touching the lives of others, but who will stop to talk with someone who is not in need, but may just look lonely? How do you know that your kind words were not why they decided not to commit suicide a week later? (It’s likely you’ll never find this out either.) I suppose most of us would just shrug it off as someone else’s work, but if you came into contact with that person, it is arguably just as much you who are responsible for their loneliness, as you are just as capable as the mysterious “someone else.”

I work in the field of Automotive manufacturing Quality Control during the week, and one thing I have noticed and passed along to others is that if you have touched the part, it is just as much your responsibility as anyone else’s to ensure that part was a Quality part.

This is one of those components we’re driving at by learning to just Be. To live in the moment is to begin to notice events like this. To live in the moment is to learn to listen to those still, small voices that tell you this time is different; that this time you should talk to the person with the sad face. What else do you have to do? Where else do you have to be? If you are living for the moment, you are not in a hurry to get home so you can catch up on a show, or sit in front of your computer screen for hours, depressing yourself with Facebook. What do you have to lose? You may potentially be trading all those things that held your mind captive for the freedom to just sit silently, allowing your mind to wander; or to stop in Aldi and ask someone how they are doing? (On a slightly unrelated note, several months ago a man stopped me in Aldi to talk, ending the conversation asking if I liked chess, and giving me his phone number.)

So I would invite you and your family to join us on a simple journey of seeking to live the moments of life fully. To be present more, and stop walking around life as if we are all consumptive zombies. We are basically puppets of the market. My five year old son is addicted to “Plants vs. Zombies.” Every day I get home he asks me if he can play. Lately I’ve been thinking about how much a metaphor of life this game can be. I wonder if the creators know how ironic it is sometimes, that people want to play this game as an escape, and end up walking around like zombies with a phone connected to their brain. This is what we are seeking to avoid in our lives now. Instead of allowing zombies in to eat our brains, we are planting; sowing defenses to keep the zombies out.

If you decide to go a week without television, let us know. We would love to hear from you! If this turns in to a regular thing for your family it can do nothing but help!

May we all seek to consume less, and look for those that need our help.


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January Goals 2018

Hello Friends!

If you missed my last post, I shared my word and goals for the year there. In today’s post I’ll be sharing my goals for January and I will split them up into categories: monthly, weekly, and daily goals. You can find most of the links mentioned here in this post.

My Tending List for January!

Monthly Goals:

1) Schedule Dr’s appts.

The first month of a new year is a great time to schedule well check ups and other important appointments. I need to reschedule my therapy appointment, schedule a gynecological appointment, schedule appointments for all of us for our new primary care doctor.
2) Get budget on YNAB.

I’m so excited about this app. You tell your money where it needs to go and the app helps you track from there.

3) Plan family outings and events for the year.

My plan is to schedule so many fun activities and hikes for our family. If you can’t tell, my dominant love language is quality time. 😉

4) Register for school.

I’ve mentioned this here a few times, but in case you missed it….I’m going back to school! My plan is to start school either this month or next depending on how things go with registration. I’m returning to school to obtain my certification as a CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant). Most people will probably ask, “Are you wanting to become a nurse?!” Technically speaking, no. 😉 My plan is to work as a CNA part time while I’m working on a few other certifications and on down the road get a two year degree in Physical Therapy. I’m super excited because I finally feel like I’ve found the type of career path that I’m truly interested in. I also hope to work part time in something similar to the field this year, but we will see how everything pans out. I know my schedule is already pretty full with just adding this!

5) Visit the Humane Society-volunteering.

We are hoping to begin volunteering as a family with the our local Humane Society. I’ve heard that D is probably old enough to work with the cats so I’m hoping that our local chapter will agree and we will be able to begin volunteering soon.

Weekly Goals:

6) Go to Yoga 1x per week.

This probably sounds tragically low, but I’m easing my way back into working out regularly and I’m learning to pace my body because of my multiple chronic illnesses. We also just started a free 30 day trial with Daily Burn so even if I don’t physically go somewhere I have a workout ready and waiting for me each day. 😉

8) Packing party in the Kitchen.

A packing party is a concept from The Minimalists and I’m focusing on one area per month. I know that this is a good pace for me because if I try to do more I might get overwhelmed with the clutter.

Daily Goals:

9) Read Bible plans on Fear.

I love the Bible app and how there are categories listed for specific emotions and problem areas. Fear is something that I’ve struggled with for as long as I can remember and I thought that reading plans for it would be perfect to start out the New Year.

10) Morning Stretches—Pilates!

One thing I really love is my Pilates Dvd that is specifically designed for people who suffer with pelvic pain. There is a section called “Rough Day Revitalizer” that I use on days that my bladder is particularly agitated. It’s a great, short, energy boosting workout that helps me to feel better on days that I don’t feel like doing anything. Stretches are excellent for my back as well as blood circulation. It’s definitely energizing!

11) Get Outside-45-60 mins per day.

It’s so important to get outside and get your daily dose of sun. Fresh air is excellent for anxiety and depression and I find this this to be true for myself as well. I can tell when I’ve spent only 10 minutes outside vs. no time at all. It’s a huge difference! Also if you’re not careful, it could turn into a rescue mission and you end up with a new kitty. 😉

12)Read Cultivate  and Everything that Remains.

I chose Cultivate by Lara Casey because I absolutely adore her Write the Word journals and I just got her 2018 Powersheets that have helped greatly with my goals and this post! 😉 One of my big goals for the past couple of years has been living more intentionally and this book’s tag line is “A grace filled Guide to Growing an Intentional Life” so I knew it would be perfect!

My second pick is Everything that Remains by The Minimalists

Last year, John and I began listening to The Minimalists podcast as a recommendation from a friend. (Thank you, Laura!) In December, John read this book and I highly recommended it to me. So it’s number 2 on my book list and I can’t wait to dive in.

What are your goals for January? Do you break your goals up into daily, weekly, monthly goals?

<3 Anna


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John – Update from Christmas

Hi, this is John! I will be joining, and most-times will probably post as below; with my type-written pages from our type-writer. Enjoy! and let me know what you think!

12-25 pt 1
12-25 pt 2



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