A New Love

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Hi guys!

I have a new love in my life. Any guesses?


If you follow me on FB or Instagram, you’ll know the answer is essential oils! 😉 Ever since my pregnancy and natural birth experience, I have quickly become very interested in natural remedies and creating a natural medicine cabinet. This isn’t a fad or trendy thing for me. It really and truly is becoming a passion and I’m very excited about the knowledge I’m gaining and I still have tons to learn! (It’s also always exciting to find a new passion.) In case you are interested, check out my essential oil q/a below!

How did I get started using essential oils?


I started using essential oils by ordering a starter kit from Days Island Essential Oils. I love them and I still do! They are great for single oils. The company is small and Christian based (out of Washington). Sadly, they do not offer diffusers or oil blends. 🙁

Where did you get your oil blends? diffuser?

I purchased my Everyday oils premium starter kit from Young Living. I’m technically a distributor now. (I just wanted oils and a diffuser.) I’m no brand snob! I promise! 😉

What do you use your oils for?

I have used essential oils for so many things! Where do I begin?!

*Homemade Cleaners—I’ll share recipes in my upcoming spring cleaning post. 😉

*Immunity Booster—Thieves, Lavender, Lemon, and Tea Tree oil are all great immunity boosters. (Thieves is a blend from YL and the others are single oils. )

*Allergies and Colds—Thieves, Lavender, Lemon, and Peppermint oils


*Sore Muscles—Panaway (YL oil blend)

*Perfume— I love the smells of Stress Away and Joy. <3 (YL oil blend) I wear mine in a gorgeous diffuser necklace my hubby purchased here. <3

My Valentine's present from my wonderful hubby. He gets me. <3

My Valentine’s present from my wonderful hubby. He gets me. <3


Those are all I can think of at the moment, but I’m sure I missed something! 😉 I love the smell of my oils and I love how well they work and minus the nasty side effects!

A few tips for beginners/newbies:

1) Please treat essential oils like medicine. This is what they are. Natural medicine. Do NOT use oils on yourself without reading up on the oil/oil blend first. This is imperative for young children and pets. Don’t just look stuff up on Pinterest and try it without educating yourself. 

For example, children under six years old should NOT use peppermint oil. (Peppermint oil is linked to causing seizures in children.) You can read more on that here.

2) Use a carrier oil.

I was lucky with this one. I used the oils from my starter kit (they are some of the mildest oils around!) and didn’t have any reactions. Again, essential oils are potent. Use a carrier oil! Examples of carrier oils: olive oil, jojoba, sesame, etc. Make sure that you mix the essential oil and carrier oil properly before applying them to your body.

3) Make sure you are using the oils properly.

There are many ways that you can use essential oils: topically, diffuse, dietary, etc. (I am still reading up on dietary benefits/drawbacks. Right now I’m not adding oils to my water/tea until I feel I have solid answers on the effects of digesting oils in the body.) You need to educate yourself on how to properly use each oil. (Example: Not all oils are meant to be diffused.)

I look forward to continuing my journey in natural healing and living a more natural life style. I’m excited about all that I’m learning and I look forward to sharing more posts on similar topics in the future. <3

What do you think of essential oils? Do you have any favorites? Comment below! I’m always happy to hear from my readers. 🙂

<3 Anna

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