Friday Finds and Favorites #64 June Goals and May Progress

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Hello Friends!

I’m in the throes of a flare so it’s been difficult to sit at the computer and type out my thoughts. Sometimes I feel so frustrated at how much my life has changed since this diagnosis and how I truly didn’t appreciate my health until now. I’ve lost so much. I’m gaining a lot too though. I can’t deny that.

June is now upon us and a new month means a fresh start and new goals to tackle! But first, let’s recap May’s goals and progress!

So the first two goals I mentioned for this are still in progress because the husband finally got time to tackle his paper piles. This is a victory in and of itself!

The last goal was to make more time for reading and I’ve definitely done that. I’m watching only 1-2 hours of tv per day on Monday-Thursdays and the weekends I watch as much or as little as I like. This system is working well for me. 🙂

  1. Finish cleaning out downstairs room.
  2. Clean out closet.
  3. Begin working on lesson plans for next school year.
  4. Start meal prepping on Sundays again.

What are your goals for June?

Friendly Fill-in’s

  1. A law I would like to see passed This one is a toughie, because there are so many issues that I am passionate about. I definitely agree that there needs to be a mandatory registry for all animal abusers.
  2. My favorite card game is Capitalism or President. It’s an interesting game, but shows how the system usually benefits the person with the most power.
  3. With summer unofficially here I’m longing for autumn. It’s my favorite season. I don’t enjoy winter as much with my chronic pain, but it’s second on my list. As my GG always says, “You can put more clothes on, but there is only so much you can take off.” She cracks me up. 😀
  4. A favorite summer memory is going to a wedding in NC and then making an impromptu trip to Charleston, SC. It was so fun! I look forward to the day we can visit again!

That’s all for this weekend! Now it’s your turn! Link up your favorite posts of the week below! Remember to keep them family friendly and if you want, grab a button! (Optional) We are also still searching for our last host/hostess to join our team. Please pm one of us for more info! 



Wishing everyone a safe and wonderful weekend!

<3 Anna

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2 Responses to Friday Finds and Favorites #64 June Goals and May Progress

  1. Ellen Pilch says:

    I am impressed by your motivation to simplify and organize. Thank you for these great fill-ins answers, I am all for #1. I have never heard of those card games, but they sound interesting. I almost had the same answer for #3, I love Fall the best. Have a nice week!
    Ellen Pilch recently posted…Not a Skunk UpdateMy Profile

    • Anna says:

      Thanks, I’m trying! It’s not easy with a four year old, a cat, a dog, and a husband who likes to hang on to everything including elementary school papers. :/

      I’m practically counting the days until Fall! <3 Hope you have a wonderful week!

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