Podcast Playlist #1

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Hello Friends!

Today, I wanted to share with you all a few of the podcasts that I’ve enjoyed recently. These podcasts help take some of the monotony away from daily chores. It’s a nice change of pace. 🙂

1) The Mystery of the Devil’s Footprint- Stuff you Missed in History Class

This episode was really interesting and kinda comical at times. I love learning about mysterious phenomenon that can’t be explained. There was a ton of speculation of the Devil’s foot prints even a suggestion of kangaroo prints!!?

2) How to Discern God’s Will and Stick with it- The God Centered Mom’s Podcast

This episode really touched my heart. Tricia Goyer shared about her experiences with adoption, listening to God and discerning His path for you, and many more challenging topics. It helped me to reflect on my heart for adoption and to consider adopting siblings, which I hadn’t considered before.

3) Be the Change- Hidden Brain

I really enjoyed this episode! A couple shares their story of giving birth to their first daughter and how they decided to fight back against stereotypical gender roles and characteristics. It was a refreshing listen and I’m still thinking about it and considering what steps we might take as a family to ensure that Declan respects women and realizes that women have just as much to bring to the table (if not more! ;))

4)  7 Stranger Things That Make You Smarter- The Model Health Show

This was a really interesting episode. Shawn shares great tips to strengthen your brain. There are some really surprising information here.

5) Don’t Suffer From Your Depression in Silence- Ted Talks Daily

This episode was very powerful. Nikki Webber Allen shared her battle with depression and how the suicide of a family member caused her to pause and reflect on discussing and educating others on mental health.

6) How to Seek Truth in the Era of Fake News- Ted Talks Daily

Christiane Amanpour shares on how to navigate through fake news, objectivity in journalism, and a few life lessons along the way.

7) Vegetarian and Vegan Youtube Channels- Vegetarian Zen

I seriously love this podcast. It’s been a safe place for me to learn more about a plant based diet. They also have an awesome FB group “Peas and Carrots.” 🙂

8) Freedom from Anxiety-The God Centered Mom Podcast

This episode was like a healing balm for my soul. I loved Ashley’s story and the tips that she shared here.  I look forward to learning more about her story and checking out her book. 🙂  (It also paired very well with our two part series on anxiety and depression. )

Do you listen to podcasts? If you could recommend a podcast to a friend, who has never listened to a podcast before, what would you want them to hear first?  Since this is a holiday week, I’ll be back with my regular posts next week. If you celebrate or not, my hope is that you enjoy time with loved ones this long weekend and safe travels!

<3 Anna

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