Finding Our Rhythm

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Hello Friends!

It’s been a few week’s since our last post. There was a time where I would feel bad that I hadn’t gotten here and updated, but that has since passed. I know that living in guilt over things, even small things like not updating the blog does not serve me well. I’m learning to give myself more love and self care and realizing that this doesn’t make me a bad person. It’s good to be mindful and love myself first. The example I always think of is when you are on an airplane and they tell you about the oxygen masks, they advise you to put on yours first before trying to help others. You can’t serve anyone from an empty cup. It’s so true and it’s so important that we take that advice to heart. Especially for all those loved ones around us.

So a lot has happened since our last post!

We had our first snow fall of 2018!

We attended our first Tinkergarten Class

We had a blast learning about woodpeckers.

We even learned to use a pulley.

Off to find woodpeckers!

We also had a spot of tea πŸ˜‰ What a perfect way to end class! Ps. It was peach tea and D adored it!

We had such a fun time at D’s first Tinkergarten class. D loves his friends there and looks forward to attending each week.

First Family Hike of the New Year!

I love how this pic turned out.

My family. <3

This pic still cracks me up! D trying to keep Sophie out of the creek.

We have also been on 2 family hikes since the last time I shared here. The first was at the Marcia H. Cloninger Rail Trail and then last weekend we went on one of the many trails at River Bend Park. One of the goals for our family this year is to spend more time outdoors and I feel like we are sticking to that pretty well. πŸ™‚

As I said in our last post, I’m following a more Waldorf structure for our homeschooling and a big part of Waldorf Education is rhythms. What are rhythms?

Putting it simply, Rhythms are the day to day, week to week activities that are a part of life.Β 

Our Weekly Rhythm:

Mondays: Painting

Tuesdays: Waldorf Co-op

Wednesdays: Craft and Music Class

Thursdays: Garden/Nature Walk

Fridays: Baking (It’s also Pizza or Pasta Night)

Saturdays: Tinkergarten Class, Family Hike, and Movie Night

Sundays: Church, Meal Prep for Week Ahead, and Rest

An Example of Our Daily Rhythm:

(Keep in mind that these times are approximate!)

8:00 Wake up, potty, wash hands, devotional and prayer, Breakfast

8:30 Morning Chores (Get dressed, brush teeth, etc.)

9:15 Main Lesson

11:30 Lunch Time (D helps)

12:30 Daily Work

1:00 Outside Time

1:45 Story Time

2:15 Quiet Time (Listen to a few of our favorite Kid’s podcasts.

3:30 Free Play

5:00 Make Dinner (D helps)

6:00 Blessing, Dinner, Favorite moments

7:00 10 min Tidy and other odds and ends

7:30 Workout

8:00 Evening Chores

9:00 Read, D Sleeps

10:00 Bed time for Adults

Rhythms have really created a sense of balance to our home. It’s nice to have direction for each day. Children, young children, especially, thrive on schedules. It’s hard to restore order with a tantruming child if you don’t have a home that has any kind of order to it. When you create a natural rhythm in your home, you create a safe space to return. This allows you to slowly shift gears and return to a place of comfort for you and your child.

Do you have a Daily and/or Weekly Rhythm in your home? Do you think it could be beneficial to your home?

<3 Anna

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