January Goals 2018

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Hello Friends!

If you missed my last post, I shared my word and goals for the year there. In today’s post I’ll be sharing my goals for January and I will split them up into categories: monthly, weekly, and daily goals. You can find most of the links mentioned here in this post.

My Tending List for January!

Monthly Goals:

1) Schedule Dr’s appts.

The first month of a new year is a great time to schedule well check ups and other important appointments. I need to reschedule my therapy appointment, schedule a gynecological appointment, schedule appointments for all of us for our new primary care doctor.
2) Get budget on YNAB.

I’m so excited about this app. You tell your money where it needs to go and the app helps you track from there.

3) Plan family outings and events for the year.

My plan is to schedule so many fun activities and hikes for our family. If you can’t tell, my dominant love language is quality time. 😉

4) Register for school.

I’ve mentioned this here a few times, but in case you missed it….I’m going back to school! My plan is to start school either this month or next depending on how things go with registration. I’m returning to school to obtain my certification as a CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant). Most people will probably ask, “Are you wanting to become a nurse?!” Technically speaking, no. 😉 My plan is to work as a CNA part time while I’m working on a few other certifications and on down the road get a two year degree in Physical Therapy. I’m super excited because I finally feel like I’ve found the type of career path that I’m truly interested in. I also hope to work part time in something similar to the field this year, but we will see how everything pans out. I know my schedule is already pretty full with just adding this!

5) Visit the Humane Society-volunteering.

We are hoping to begin volunteering as a family with the our local Humane Society. I’ve heard that D is probably old enough to work with the cats so I’m hoping that our local chapter will agree and we will be able to begin volunteering soon.

Weekly Goals:

6) Go to Yoga 1x per week.

This probably sounds tragically low, but I’m easing my way back into working out regularly and I’m learning to pace my body because of my multiple chronic illnesses. We also just started a free 30 day trial with Daily Burn so even if I don’t physically go somewhere I have a workout ready and waiting for me each day. 😉

8) Packing party in the Kitchen.

A packing party is a concept from The Minimalists and I’m focusing on one area per month. I know that this is a good pace for me because if I try to do more I might get overwhelmed with the clutter.

Daily Goals:

9) Read Bible plans on Fear.

I love the Bible app and how there are categories listed for specific emotions and problem areas. Fear is something that I’ve struggled with for as long as I can remember and I thought that reading plans for it would be perfect to start out the New Year.

10) Morning Stretches—Pilates!

One thing I really love is my Pilates Dvd that is specifically designed for people who suffer with pelvic pain. There is a section called “Rough Day Revitalizer” that I use on days that my bladder is particularly agitated. It’s a great, short, energy boosting workout that helps me to feel better on days that I don’t feel like doing anything. Stretches are excellent for my back as well as blood circulation. It’s definitely energizing!

11) Get Outside-45-60 mins per day.

It’s so important to get outside and get your daily dose of sun. Fresh air is excellent for anxiety and depression and I find this this to be true for myself as well. I can tell when I’ve spent only 10 minutes outside vs. no time at all. It’s a huge difference! Also if you’re not careful, it could turn into a rescue mission and you end up with a new kitty. 😉

12)Read Cultivate  and Everything that Remains.

I chose Cultivate by Lara Casey because I absolutely adore her Write the Word journals and I just got her 2018 Powersheets that have helped greatly with my goals and this post! 😉 One of my big goals for the past couple of years has been living more intentionally and this book’s tag line is “A grace filled Guide to Growing an Intentional Life” so I knew it would be perfect!

My second pick is Everything that Remains by The Minimalists

Last year, John and I began listening to The Minimalists podcast as a recommendation from a friend. (Thank you, Laura!) In December, John read this book and I highly recommended it to me. So it’s number 2 on my book list and I can’t wait to dive in.

What are your goals for January? Do you break your goals up into daily, weekly, monthly goals?

<3 Anna


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