Plants Vs. Me

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January 11, 2017

It’s a rainy day here, and round about right now we would normally have ourselves lost in a few rainy day television shows. However, we have decided to become productive with our lives, instead of wiling away in front of zombie-makers. And so, I go into withdrawals…

Speaking of zombie-makers, have I mentioned Declan and I have become addicted to “Plants Vs. Zombies?” I know I made a reference to the game in my last post, but there have been developments since. Specifically, that instead of reading or writing during my breaks at work, I have been playing this game. When I get home, the first thing I am asked is “Daddy, can I play ‘Plants Vs. Zombies?'” Anna told me tonight that I should delete the game off my phone, and then we wouldn’t have any more problems with it. She’s right of course. And I know she’s right because of the inner cringe I had when she said so.

As a minimalist (because even though we aren’t there yet, we are getting in the mind-set) when something starts to pull you away, and take over your brain, it’s time for it to go! So instead of doing what you would have done in the past, follow your hoarder “mine-mine-mine” instinct, you dump it instead. A note about technology: technology is built so you invest more into a device over time, and thereby allow the device to take a hold in your life, causing you to pull it closer to your chest, snapping at anyone who gets close enough that they look like they might be about to take it away. (So that’s how they make money with this…) This is where I’ve gotten with the game “Plants Vs. Zombies.”

So to recap, I’ve earned enough in-game coins to buy the Gattling pea shooter mod, the Spike strip mod, the Magnet mod, the Cat-tail mod, and the KernalPult mod. I may have missed one, but you get my point. This game has now become valuable to me, because I have invested. I’ve also beaten the game once, and am working through twice. I’ve gotten to the roof levels a second time now. Now is not naturally where most people would make the decision to ballast the game. In the past, I would only have gotten rid of the game/app if it no longer held any interest for me, or wasn’t worth the space it takes up. Now however, I find more joy in the freedom of less.

Here I am waging war with my “KernalPult”

I had some pretty immemorial defenses!

This makes me think about all my video games and video game systems again. They are still sitting around the house (granted the Xbox One and Playstation 4 have more uses than just playing games, especially the Blu-Ray function). However, this is what we do with our stuff. “one day I’ll need to make a loaf of bread, then that bread-maker will come in handy,” “when my son grows up and moves to college, this extra TV will be available, and he won’t have to buy one,” “I actually get use out of this app (even though it is consuming more of my time than it should) so it would be a waste to delete.” We all make excuses for stuff that doesn’t really add value to our lives. Is playing this game in my spare time adding value to my life? Or is it stealing precious time from something or someone that does add value to my life.

I’ll leave you with something Anna said that will likely be the main reason I do this. “When you guys are playing that game, I feel alone.”

Now if that’s not a wake-up call.


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