What’s Making Us Smile…(January Edition)

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Hello Friends,

This is a new monthly segment that I thought would be fun for the both of us. I’ll go first!

Right now, I’m loving this idea I found on Instagram from @rachelrandolph. Rachel recently shared a post about something new she was trying with her kiddos called the “Yes Box.” See? The name already has your attention, am I right?! So the cool thing about the Yes Box is that there are only two rules…but I’m getting ahead of myself a bit, what is a yes box? It’s a box that you fill with your kiddos snacks. You then share with them the rules. The rules are 1) You can only eat one of each item in the box per day. This means no repeats. 2) If mommy/daddy is cooking or serving you food, you cannot get an item from the Yes box. That’s it! When I saw this idea, I had to set it up for D and I must say, I’m loving it.

Here’s D’s Yes Box:

Just a note: We don’t normally keep the Teddy soft bakes in our household, we just had those left over from something.

Here’s his Yes Box for the Fridge:

The blue and white bag has baby carrots and the plastic container has ham that is without the filler junk and a pickle.

I guess all of my choices for this week will be food related, but my second choice is Declan’s awesome new trays!

These are wonderful to help your kiddo(s) make the best choices. It seems a bit gimmiky, but the truth is—kids love stuff like this and this is actually helping them make a good healthy decision that will benefit them for many years to come! (This is NOT a sponsored post, but if you are interested in purchasing these trays, they come in a set of 4, you can do so here!)

And to finish off my list, I’ll share these links to a few podcast episodes because I’m like the Podcast lady over here! 🙂

The Science of Setting and Accomplishing Goals with Guest Michael Hyatt-The Model Health Show

The Simple Show recently did a great series called “What’s Saving My Life” and I’ll share the links for each episode below! There are so many great resources and links in these posts:

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Lastly, I have to give a shout out for this awesome book! I’m only 2 chapters away from finishing it and it is a definite life changer. Check out Cultivate here!

And now it’s John’s turn…take it, my dear!

This week I’ve been really enjoying the changes we have made with no tv during the week and just taking a less busy approach to life.

Yep, the husband gave me a sentence for this month’s post. 😉 Hopefully, I can get more out of him next month.

What is making you smile this month? Take this time to think about the little things that are making life easier and/or more enjoyable. 

<3 Anna and John


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