Bladder Friendly Tips and Recipes!

I was diagnosed with Overactive Bladder in March (2015). I had the usual bladder triggers: caffeine, spicy foods, vinegar, tomato based items, etc. I soon noticed that my flare ups were still occurring…I did some research and discovered the IC diet. My thoughts were “Hey, it’s bladder-friendly! This could work for me too!” I’m slowly, but surely learning what my triggers are/what to avoid eating. It isn’t easy, but I’m learning. <3

UPDATE 02/07/16

On February 5, 2016, I was diagnosed with Interstitial Cystitis via Potassium Test. (This wasn’t the route I wanted, but due to my trusting my Bladder Pain Specialist over my Urologist…It’s what happened.) I now have a diagnosis and am beginning an even crazier journey than I originally thought! It’s been an incredibly overwhelming life change thus far…

UPDATE 06/20/16

It’s been awhile, so long that I need to update with an actual blog post on this. I will say since my last update, I am now on more medications than I’ve been on in my life. Depression has reared it’s ugly head many times and I’m thankful for a wonderful therapist to help me work through the anger and frustrations of this demanding chronic illness, among other things!

Be sure to check this page often! I’ll be sharing helpful tips that I’ve learned and recipes that I find, create, and tweak along the way!


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